The Great Movie Ride Part 1 & 2

Great Movie Ride at Disney World, Hollywood Studios:


Part 1:



Part 2:



Note: I had to split this ride into 2 videos because it’s so long and Youtube would not let me upload the entire ride sequence in one video. The first video ends at the Old West scene with John Wayne and the second video starts at the very next movie sequence: Aliens!


The Great Movie Ride is one of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios – yes it’s not as flashy or fast as other rides like Tower of Terror or Rockin’ Roller Coaster. But it’s fun, relaxing and of course – it’s ALL about the movies.

The ride itself takes you on a tour of the classic movies throughout the years like:

Singin’ in the Rain

Mary Poppins

Public Enemy




Raiders of the Lost Ark

Disney’s Fantasia

It’s one of the longest rides at the part – a full 18 minutes. And the queue itself is fascinating as you pass by many real authentic props from popular movies like Titanic and Chronicles of Narnia (These props also change quite frequently – so every time you go back, there’s something new!)

Another interesting fact is that, unlike most of Disney World’s other rides that have separate debarkation and embarkation points, at this ride, you get on in the same place where others are just getting off.

And another difference to this ride: there’s no “exit through the gift shop” that other rides usually have as well.

Can You Fastpass The Great Movie Ride?


Yes you can. However since there are a lot of more popular (and crowded) rides in this park like Toy Story and Rockin Roller Coaster, you may want to Fastpass these first and brave the line for the Great Movie Ride.

It’s usually not a bad lineup early or later in the day. And you get to watch movies in line too – so it’s actually a lot of fun!

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