Kilimanjaro Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom

Safari Ride at AK Ride Through – Part 1 and 2



The Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom is also known to park-goers as the “Safari Ride”. It is one of the most popular rides in the park – mainly because it’s AMAZING.

You get to take an open-air jeep tour safari of an actual animal reserve (Harambe Wildlife Reserve) and see everything from hippos to giraffes and zebras to elephants, monkeys and even lions.

And because the is a real wildlife area and the animals move around – no safari is EVER the same.

You can go first thing in the morning and later on in the afternoon and have a completely different tour.

Also, the animals are not dangerous and are kept a good distance from the jeeps (although in the second video above, you’ll see we got VERY close to a white rhinocerous!)

These two videos show the main highlights of the Kilimanjaro safari ride – although the ride itself is actually about 18 minutes long, I edited it a bit to cut down the parts that were more “travelling” time than animal time.

Should you Fastpass this ride? If you’re going to the park during peak times (ie. holidays, summer time) the answer is a definite YES. Unless you’re planning on running to this ride first thing in the morning when the park opens it can get VERY busy.


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    we have stayed in a lot of the resorts, and so far our favorite has to be Wilderness Lodge for Delux and Port Orleans Riverside for the Moderates. Both are very relaxing resorts and one is a delux so you will be paying more, but they have a ton of amentities on site. Whatever you choose, will be fine because after all you are in Disney.

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