Disneyworld Tickets 101 – What To Know Before You Buy

4 Types of Disney Tickets Explained:




Trying to buy Disneyworld tickets but confused by all of your different options? Disney actually has 4 different types of ticket options.


disneyworld tickets - base


These 4 different tickets types vary by price and let you do different things (like multiple parks, water parks, etc.)

The more options you add on to your tickets, the more the price climbs. So how do you get the right type of ticket – but not spend more money that is necessary?

The video above will break down the 4 different types of Disneyworld tickets – with the pros and cons of each.


disneyworld tickets water parks


Personally, I’m not a waterpark fan – so we never get that extra option. However if you have kids and you’re going in the summer months, the water park option might be a great option. You’ll be able to cool down in the sweltering afternoons.

I do think the Park Hopper option is worth the extra money – especially since all the parks are so connected now (by monorail, bus and boats) that it’s easy to jump around.

Also, be sure to buy your Disney tickets from an authorized reseller (I like these guys since they have some free bonus-days tickets). Never buy from someone secondhand (and never on Ebay, for heaven’s sake! – You’d think that would be obvious but people still do it…)

park hopper disney world tickets


Savings Tip:

Remember that the more days you buy the more your “per day” admission price drops. So if you buy a 10 day base ticket it’s only $34.20 a day – compared to about $100 a day for a 3 day ticket.

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