Disney World Resort Benefits

5 Main Benefits You Get From Staying At A Disneyworld Resort Hotel:




disney world resort benefitsA lot of people ask me if I think it’s worth it to stay at a Disneyworld resort property when they visit the House of Mouse. And without hesitation I say YES!

In fact it could be the difference between a “so-so” vacation – and one of the best experiences of your life.

Don’t get me wrong – there are benefits to staying at a regular hotel. It can be a bit cheaper (vs a premium Disneyworld resort. The price for a more moderate or economy resort is actually not much more – and sometimes almost equivalent).

But there are so many other benefits to staying at a DW resort that can make your vacation so much better. And there are also little perks of a Disney hotel that can save you money (which this video will cover).


benefits of Disney World Resort


So you need to consider this when planning your vacation as well and compare apples to apples.

Plus, especially if it’s your first time to DW, then staying on a resort is one of those magical experiences you have to try even just once in your life.

disneyworldresort benefitsPlus Disney is always making improvements and changes – and they ALWAYS make sure these changes favor their resort guests over regular hotel guests.

It’s in their best interest to make sure you’re as happy as a clam if you stay on one of their resorts.

This video will go over 5 benefits you get when staying at a Disney resort hotel – plus a few more that will make your vacation over-the-top memorable.

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